Frequently Asked Questions

I installed Smooth Calendar but it doesn't work, all i get is this thank you message

Smooth Calendar is a widget, you need to add it to your home screen.

Since the latest update of my phone the calendar button no longer works

Go to Smooth Calendar settings, tap the "Calendar application" setting and select your calendar application.

I want to change the date/time format of Smooth Calendar, what is the syntax?

You can find the correct syntax here.

The items in Smooth Calendar are not vertically aligned

You can adjust the top padding yourself, or increase the number of items to show or the font size to get the alignment the way you want it.

I want to help translate Smooth Calendar, where can i find the files?

First, thank you for wanting to help. The files can be found in on github, the file you want is values/strings.xml. If you know how to use git feel free to do a pull request when you are done, or just email us the file and we'll add it.

Premium version, what is it?

The Premium version can be unlocked by tapping one of the premium items in settings and buying it in the Google Play Store. It will unlock some extra features and help support development.

I bought the Premium version but it still tells me to pay

This is an issue with Google Play cache, try restarting your device. If that doesn't work try clearing the Google Play cache, failing that an uninstall/reinstall of Smooth Calendar should solve it.

How do you decide if a feature is Premium or Regular?

Generally user requested features that i don't use myself go into the Premium version, everything else is available in the Regular version.

Smooth Calendar doesn't update

Now a days devices are coming with more security in context of Battery power consumption. By default device keep almost all app in power saving mode. It means in some devices your background tasks won't work, to fix this do the following:

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Smooth Calendar -> Battery and disable Close after screen locked.
Go to Settings -> Battery Manager > Protected Apps and enable Smooth Calendar.

Go to the battery -> Power -> App battery saver -> Smooth Calendar
Now select No restrictions( for Background settings) then Allow option for Background location.
Go to the Security app -> permissions -> Auto start and check Smooth Calendar.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Smooth Calendar -> Battery -> Detail(App power saving panal) --> click your app and select disable.

Go to Setting -> Application-> Smooth Calendar -> uncheck Restrict to launch.

Got to the Auto-start manager app. In the downloaded apps field, select Smooth Calendar and set it to allow.

I want to help test Smooth Calendar by running the beta version

To join the Smooth Calendar beta program, join the following group:!forum/smooth-calendar-beta

After joining it you can click the following link to get the latest beta version:

Please remember that these releases are for testing and may not always work as intended.

Is your question not answered here? Don't hesitate to send us an email at